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About Lala

Thank you for shopping at Designs by LaLa.

At a very young age I started to design my own jewelry. While living in Hollywood in my early 20’s I was approached several times by individuals asking where they could purchase the creations I was wearing. It was then I realized I should share my talents and gift, and launched Designs by Lala.

I have genuine passion for jewelry and my customers, and I am passionate about every custom piece of jewelry I make...you can feel the difference, especially since each piece is Blessed and Infused with Power.

Every item is a culmination of contemporary styling, art, quality, and craftsmanship...with you in mind. Each piece is so unique, you get the extra-special attention you deserve... it compliments you.

High quality products, skill and blessings are used to produce each unique piece of jewelry and features genuine sterling silver, fresh water pearls and semi-precious stones. Even though each piece is designed and made by hand, I have the sources to produce large orders if needed. Whether you order one piece or 10,000, the same great quality is assured.

Please contact me discuss how we can design a signature piece for you or a special person in your life. We can even duplicate a personal design and your intellectual property will be a closely guarded secret.

I look forward to serving with you, your friends and loved ones for years to come.

LaLa - Laura Johnson